Year 1

logo of a fountain pen

Interactive Project

In this group project, we made a co-op game based in VR for people to play at the transmedia exhibition.

logo for a game entitled snap world

Console Project

In this group project, we worked to make a game console design along with a game to go on it.

logo of a witch hat, leaf, and potion

Game Project

In the group game project, we worked to create a working prototype for a game.

illustration of a bee on a flower

Climate Poster

This task was about making a poster about saving the climate, whilst also pratising skills learned in composition.

Human Beings written on parchment


In making a video in the style of a viral animation, the task was also to show skills learnt in typography.

illustration of plaint splats

Promotional Flyer

The goal of this task was to create a promotional flyer, whilst also showing a use of colour theory.

illustration of a sunset

Digital Art

This task what about creating a digital art piece inspired by a traditional artist. My piece is inspired by Claude Monet

a drawing of a signpost


For this task we were to make 15 minute sketches around campus to practise quickly noting down ideas in enough detail.

a moodboard entitled ideas

ISTD Mini Project

This project was about doing the initial research for one of the biefs set by the International Society of Typographic Designers. I chose to do 'A Colourful Story'.

olympic rings

3D Logo

For this task we could either make a 2D or 3D logo animate for a title sequence or channel indent.

logo of a fan of cards

Personal Logo

A logo I made for my website that represents my theme of cards throughout my brand.

simplistic illustration of code

Development Exercises

Some reflection upon two quizzes I took at the end of my development module on Unity/HTML and Photoshop.